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Month: April 2022

Book Summary – Crush It

Who is Gary Vee: Vaynerchuk along with his parents came to Belarus into America. U.S. in 1978, when he was just three years old. older. In 1983, Vaynerchuk’s dad opened a liquor shop situated in suburban New Jersey and, when Vaynerchuk was fifteen, started working at the family’s store. While liquor and beer were the mainstays of …


Book Summary – 22 immutable laws of marketing

22 Immitable Laws of Marketing is a classic text and came a generation before current digital marketing revolution. Some of its recommendations may be more relevant for large enterprises than small and medium business. Yet, many of those principles are classic and still have applicability in current era. Find a summary of the book 22 …


Book Summary – 1 – Page Marketing plan

This is one of the books from our Marketing Book Summary series. This was recommended as one of the Marketing Books to read in this blog. There is a Forbes article that states that not having an marketing strategy as one of the 10 most frequently made small-sized business marketing errors. Other examples include not having an online …

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Key considerations before designing a new website

Nowadays, business marketers can use an array of seemingly limitless marketing channels that can be used to promote their company. While it’s essential to be aware of these channels and the ways your company could utilize them in the growth of your business but it’s important to keep in mind that your website must be the …

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An introduction to neuro-marketing

Introduction Consumers are constantly making choices in their lives and are affected by what they see as well as the people they talk to, and the way they behave with content. Companies seek to understand their target audience so that they can figure out the best way to interact with them, draw their attention as well …

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Generic marketing automation funnel illustration #1

You can have different configurations of your marketing automation funnel. One of the best practices is to initially run some A/B testing. DO not limit your emails and test out what is working. Below we are describing a potential marketing automation funnel for a generic case: STEP 1: DEFINE YOUR CORE OFFER Have you identified …


Top inbound marketing strategies for effective demand generation

Inbound marketing is often considered of as passive kind of marketing in which the initial contact occurs externally, via the client to the business. It is a form of marketing is a technique based on attracting customers by producing relevant and engaging content which addresses the prospect’s needs and requirements. This strategy requires non-intrusive strategies to …


Top social media trends for 2022

Hootsuite has identified top five trends for Social Media for 2022. The Brand Strategy Trend: Brands finally understand the community right (with the aid of creators). Digital communities are becoming more integral to the lives of consumers and their identities Creators are the most important   to unlock them. Brands that work with creators are able to connect with …


Checklist of leading practices to optimize facebook ad campaign

General Guidelines: Utilize UTM parameters – The addition of UTM variables to Facebook advertisements will make it much more simple to collect data you can count on. It takes only a couple of minutes to setup but is great for collecting more reliable data. Make use of trial and split testing: make anIt’s going require some …


Facebook ads for converting cold audiences – always be testing

As a small business owner or start up entrpreneur, you have probably heard of Facebook ads. If you’re just beginning with Faebook ads it can be difficult to determine the different levels of interest among leads and the best way to achieve the highest ROI on your advertising budget. Whatever the case, wherever your customers …