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Month: June 2022

Effective ways to utilize Twitter and grow your audience

As an owner of a business you have only the time you need to focus upon your online marketing efforts. Of course tools like Convertbloom Social Suite can help you become a pro in engaging with your social media followers. Yet, despite the fact that marketing can greatly increase the number of customers you have however, …


Unique ways to utilize Facebook for business

Facebook is a social media platform that is constantly growing and has grown into more than just a platform for users to communicate with their loved ones However, it is also an effective marketing tool for companies. The fact that it is the most popular marketing platform for business , it means that companies must …


Keyword rich pages for inbound marketing

Search Engine optimization continues to be a powerful inbound traffic generation method. As we have discussed, else where in the blog, always create fresh, meaningful original content for your audience. Do not write for search engine but for your audience. Yet some techniques, while creating your copy can help improve your competitive position in the …


Critical onboarding steps to utilize all features of Convertbloom

Convertbloom is a powerful yet simple integrated Sales and Marketing automation software. To utilize the omni-channel features available, you should be aware of some critical onboarding steps. We have provided a checklist below: Onboarding Checklist Set Up CRM Work suiteThis is the first step to set up. If you have not set up the CRM …


Why you might be requiring a CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is an abbreviation that is a reference to Customer Relationship Management. It refers to a computer system designed to create and manage customer relations. Organizations that are customer-focused must ensure that departments are able to fully comprehend and meet the diverse requirements of all customers. Leads They are …


Key features of Convertbloom CRM

We discussed about CRM and its advantages in an earlier article on CRM benefits. Everyone in the team can collect data and insights and collaborate to deliver amazing customer-centric services. Data that is organized and displayed by the CRM platform can result in greater understanding of the customer. This results in better communication and outreach, a lot …