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Month: March 2022

Impending demise of third party cookies and Fb meta retargeting options

Cookies are small bits of code that are saved in web browsers, which are typically utilized to distinguish website users. There are two kinds of cookies: first-party and third parties. From a technical standpoint there isn’t any real distinction between them, because they share the exact same data and serve the same purposes. The distinction between different …

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EU agrees to the platform playbook by far reaching Digital Marketing Act

In the midst of ongoing debates about the significance of digital privacy and who owns and uses the personal information we provide for different purposes and purposes, the EU continues to set the standard by establishing the most modern regulations in the field. Certain aspects of this have been extremely beneficial, while other is a hinderance …


How to write high-converting PPC advertisement copy

If you are wondering why your ad-copy is not converting, you probably should know that writing compelling ads copy that converts is an art and getting it right can be a challenge. The average person spends 3.4 seconds looking at the first five search results and if you’re looking to get potential customers to sign …


In pursuit of the purple cow

In the beginning of 21st century, Marketing guru Seth Godin, urged that entrepreneurs should strive to create remarkable products. It was a suggestion based on the failings of traditional marketing channels like television and the formula of generating trust and familiarity through significant spend in marketing through the traditional channels. Old rule: Create secure, ordinary …


SaaS Customer Strategies

Working in a team can be an incredibly fulfilling experience. When people come together and collaborate towards a common goal, they can achieve much more than they could on their own. However, it is not always easy to work in a team, and developing the skills to do so effectively requires effort and patience. One …


The best ways to make your lead magnet convert

Human choices aren’t always rational. As a choice designer, you have the ability to influence the way your customers perceive your propositions and could cause them to follow your suggestions. One of the ideas that has been extensively studied is the effect of Free. In the book Predictably Irrational, Dan Ariely describes the Kisses and Lindor experiment …

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Science of gear acquisition syndrome

People will do almost everything to ease their stress. In this piece I will explain how the gear acquisition syndrome could change our brain’s reward and stress mechanisms. I will discuss the brain regions that are responsible for rewards processing (e.g. the positive erotic feelings that accompany buying, for example, the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 with a 18mm …