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March 22, 2022

How to write high-converting PPC advertisement copy

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If you are wondering why your ad-copy is not converting, you probably should know that writing compelling ads copy that converts is an art and getting it right can be a challenge. The average person spends 3.4 seconds looking at the first five search results and if you’re looking to get potential customers to sign up for your pay-per-click advertisements you’ll need be able to write with aplomb to make your ads stand out.

There are few steps to follow to write and improve the quality of your PPC ads that draw your target people and improve conversion rates.

1. Do your keyword research thoroughly

Being ahead of your competition is essential to convert customers and expanding your company’s revenue. It is imperative to conduct extensive study to design powerful search advertisements that will keep you on highest level. 

As wordstream describes, Keywords can be divided into the following types:

Look up for common phrases and keywords and see what results appear on the result page. A organic search will highlight what your customers are looking at, revealing your competitors and their advertising copy strategies e.g. If you are selling software for task management it is possible to search “what is task management.” You may be amazed by some of the outcomes. Ask yourself questions like:

To obtain more concrete and personalised outcomes, you can define your country and industry. Also, you can connect to your AdWords account to receive specific cost and competition information in line with your real PPC data.

After examining ways to improve your ads copy Consider defining yourself. What unique selling factors (USPs) will make your business stand apart? Integrate these into your advertising to inform customers of the reasons they should pick you over your competition.

2. Focus on the customer to be relevant

Customers purchase products due to the fact that they need or want them. Therefore, you must focus your advertising on the ways your products can enhance the lives of those who are likely to purchase from you. This is how you get people into your website.

Reduce words such as “we”, “I” as well as “us”. Instead, you should use words that focus on the customer like “you,” “value,” “save,” “easy,” “fast,” “cheap,” etc. Make sure your words are tailored to demonstrate how your products can solve the issues of your target group of customers. For instance, “increase your productivity” instead of “we increase productivity.”

If you are customer-focused and responsive to the needs of consumers. You can encourage people to click to go onto your site’s landing pages. It is then possible to speak about the achievements of your business and work towards growing your average order value.

3. Use attention-grabbing headlines

It is your headline that is primary content in your advertisement and the first thing potential buyers see, therefore it should draw their interest. Quicksprout describes the four u’s of headline as something that is: 

In the beginning, make it concise. Headlines are limited in character So, you should use simple words to convey the main key points. Try using questions to get viewers to click.

The second is to include relevant and lucrative keywords that be attractive to your target audience, for example specific areas or USPs.

Thirdly, make use of numbers. Prices, percentages, and statistics are less crowded offer a specific promise and attract potential customers.

While creating headlines, target the emotions of the users because emotional connection drives interest.

Also, make use of Also, use the “|” character to divide headlines, making them easier to read. Effective headlines draw attention and offer solutions. Effective headlines for your PPC advertisement copy is vital to convert rate optimization.

4. KISS 

PPC ads copy has a character limit Therefore, keeping your copy brief, simple and precise is crucial to communicate your message to prospective clients. Check out your upwork PPC copy in the following.

Avoid vague descriptions, complex words and long sentences. Instead, stick to simple words, precise phrases, exact keywords and a clear, active voice. This will simplify and enhance how you structure your advertising copy for your clients.

Make sure you give people easy information and facts that will grab their attention. Make sure you know your USPs.

5. Include Call To Actions

There is no way that a PPC advert is complete without the inclusion of a CTA. If you’re looking to boost conversion rates, you need to communicate what you expect to accomplish and motivate the people to take action.

For instance, using words such as “get your tickets now”, “buy now”, or “sign up for free today” gives a feeling of urgency, and may prompt individuals to click. Some common phrases those encourage customers to click include:

Make sure you have an appropriate brief, precise and clear CTA for each advertisement to inform the viewer of what they need to do and when to do it.

We have included a copy of Lunametrics Call to Action Cheat Sheet here.  calltoaction.pdf (bounteous.com)

6. Include keywords into URLs

The placement of keywords in your display URL could help your advertisement copy seem more pertinent to search engines as well as you target audience. It’s also useful in the event that you’re running multiple PPC advertising campaigns since you’re giving your target users with unique landing pages.

It gives customers the confidence that they are getting the information or the offer they’re seeking, which boosts the effectiveness of your PPC marketing and ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.

For instance, if your advert links people to a webpage that explains the way SIP protocol is used to manage internet communications sessions, adding “SIP protocol” in the URL assures people that they’ve gotten the information they’ve been looking for.

7. Check your advertisements

Testing will help you know the likelihood that your ads will reach to the target audience. It’s an essential component of writing engaging PPC ads copy. A/B testing is a popular digital marketing method to evaluate the efficacy of advertisements.

For instance, if there are two PPC ads that promote high-ticket affiliate programs that can boost earnings, you could pit them against each other to determine which one is able to bring in the most conversions . This can then be further developed.

However, don’t just stop there. When you measure key metrics such as the number of clicks or cost per click by using tools like Google Analytics, you can quickly assess your advertisements and figure out ways to enhance them.

In time, you’ll come up with various phrases, USPs, and offers to attract your target customers. Analyzing the effectiveness of your ads and making incremental adjustments to your headlines, text descriptions or display URLs will improve the effectiveness of your advertisement copy.

Keep in mind that testing is an ongoing procedure, so be sure to seek ways to make improvements.

There are a variety of PPC marketing strategies you could employ based on your company model Don’t be afraid to experiment with something new. Change is necessary to refresh your copy and to adapt to the needs of your customers. Always test and improve your advertisements to create appealing copy that will convert.

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