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January 27, 2022

Target audience

this is the group of consumers who are most likely to want or need your product/service. Factors in choosing or advertising to a target audience can be location, age, gender, income, or profession.

As a marketer, knowing your target audience is essential. This will inform each marketing strategy and plan you implement. The idea of airing an advertisement at the Super Bowl might seem like the best way to be noticed by all the people who are feasible, but it\’s also costly. In addition, only about 25% of viewers are actually interested in the product. Being aware that the target viewers read a particular publication or is watching a specific show implies that your ad is likely to be seen by fewer people, but it will be seen by the appropriate people. If, for instance, you offer running shoes, advertising in running magazines could be more appropriate for your target group of customers. Picking the appropriate medium is crucial to achieving marketing Return on Investment from your efforts.

Additionally, to increase ROI, knowing your target market will allow you to develop relationships and better communicate with your customers. It is possible to create content which speaks to specific audiences and create brands that reflect the values and interests of the people most likely to buy your product.  Convertbloom is specifically designed to enable two-way omni-channel conversation during the marketing process and enable digital creators to tell their authentic brand story. This is crucial at an age when consumers want each ad to be individualized and extremely specific. In reality, 80 percent of customers think they\’re more likely to purchase from brands that provide individualized interactions.

Target market: A target market is the group of people a company intends to sell its products to or reach via marketing actions. The target market is the particular group or segment within the target market to which the company has targeted with advertising. This means that target audience target audience is a much more targeted part of the target market.

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