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Checklist of leading practices to optimize facebook ad campaign

General Guidelines: Utilize UTM parameters – The addition of UTM variables to Facebook advertisements will make it much more simple to collect data you can count on. It takes only a couple of minutes to setup but is great for collecting more reliable data. Make use of trial and split testing: make anIt’s going require some …


Impending demise of third party cookies and Fb meta retargeting options

Cookies are small bits of code that are saved in web browsers, which are typically utilized to distinguish website users. There are two kinds of cookies: first-party and third parties. From a technical standpoint there isn’t any real distinction between them, because they share the exact same data and serve the same purposes. The distinction between different …


How to write high-converting PPC advertisement copy

If you are wondering why your ad-copy is not converting, you probably should know that writing compelling ads copy that converts is an art and getting it right can be a challenge. The average person spends 3.4 seconds looking at the first five search results and if you’re looking to get potential customers to sign …


Split-testing best practice for facebook ads

The key to improving your Facebook advertisements is to keep conducting tests. However, you shouldn’t be overoptimizing your advertisements, and making too frequent changes , which will hinder the algorithm from learning properly. Or you might have been frustrated that your facebook ads are not leading to conversions. There could be multiple reasons for low …


Risk getting outdated if 2022 Paid advertising trends below are not adopted

2022 is going to a new normal for digital paid search advertising. There are significant trends that could fundamentally reset the dynamics and drivers of success and conversions. We will touch on some of those key topics here:  a) Third Party Cookies – Pixels, tags were the staple of online advertising in important areas such …