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May 14, 2022

Using Auto Dialler responsibly and legally for lead generation

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Picking up the phone and making calls cannot be undermined in your growth hacking efforts. One tool that could help you reach out to your opt-in list is the dialler. Convertbloom enables you to capture opt in lists with multiple channels including landing pages, news letter forms, messenger lead forms. Convertbloom call center solution is in beta and if you are a customer you can request early access to try out the dialler solution.

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Auto dialers, the shortened name for automatic dialers are a type of software or electrical device for dialing automatically numbers on phones. When it makes calls and someone responds to the other end of the line it will, according to its settings plays a pre-recorded voice message , or transfers the call to an agent, who can then entertain the caller. It is possible that you have encountered the terms such as voice broadcasting, robocalling, or robocalling. These terms are closely linked to the procedure wherein automatic dialers play an pre-recorded messages that are assigned to the caller. There is a different kind of call referred to in the form of an interactive voice. This is a form of voice broadcasting, or robocalling which requires the receiver to reply to their queries by pushing buttons using their keyboard.

At Convertbloom, you can make use of Twilio API to set up an autodialler like set up to call your leads. While, it offers you a powerful capability, you must make the diligence to ensure you are adhering to all the local regulations while making the call. This article does not provide you legal advise, however indicates areas you need to consider to be compliant with your regulations.

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Auto dialer laws are typically applicable to any software or equipment which can generate, store and dial numbers with no assistance from a human or manual. Convertbloom does not allow you to generate sequential numbers. The numbers could be sequential, random or derived from a list supplied by the business. 

While the majority of them address the same issues, there could be some distinctions in the laws governing auto dialers in each state or the region. Different people have different perceptions of things and may have their own way to address a similar problem. It is best to conduct study and research about a state’s or region’s laws regarding auto dialers. When navigating through the laws governing auto dialers firms must investigate and understand the fundamentals of this law. Although there are variations from one country to the next, these rules and regulations are likely to deal with similar issues.

 In the US, it was the Supreme Court ruled on April 1st, 2021 that TCPA is applicable to auto dialing systems with the capability to store or generate phone numbers using an unidirectional or random number generator. This decision is a good instance of a law that you should be aware of and follow in regards to automatic dialing. It is crucial to adhere to the laws specific to auto dialers both in the national and state level because they can be updated frequently and fall under one of the regulations in the US below:

Although most states are covered by the federal laws regarding auto dialers However, some states have their own rules and laws you have to be aware of when calling. In the US this includes:

Is It Legal To Use an Auto Dialer?

When using an auto dialer, it is legal so long as you’re in compliance with federal regulations and state laws. These laws change frequently therefore it’s essential to keep up-to-date to ensure that you’re legally calling legally. While Convertbloom allows you to upload your calling list and call, you should make the necessary diligence to check the list is ideally based on opt-in and as per the laws.

Can Auto Dialers Call Cell Phones?

As of April 1, 2021, companies are allowed to communicate with consumers through their mobile phones either by texts or calls. This is permitted provided they can prove that their auto dialing system is not equipped with the capability to create or store sequential numbers for phone calls. The new rule however only clarifies one part of the TCPA regarding it clarifies the Automatic Telephone Dialing System (ATDS) definition. So, pre-recorded phone calls IVR, ringless voicemails and DNC calls remain covered by the TCPA and will require written permission.

Time of Day You Can Call

It’s crucial to are aware of the times of the day that you can legally make calls. It is not permitted to make calls before 8 am or after 9 pm. The time zone is determined on the location of the recipient and not yours.

You Cannot Call These Organizations

It is usually not permitted to auto dial any of the following:

Hospitals, 911, Police, All emergency lines of any kind

Abandoned Calls

Abandoned calls are deemed abandoned if they’re disconnected from a live sales rep within two seconds following the person’s complete greeting. From your total number of calls, only 3percent can be considered abandoned.

Do Not Call List (DNC)

The Do Not Call List prohibits you from calling anyone listed on this list. If anyone asks that you do not call them it is prohibited to calling them back. This FTC rule is applicable to individuals and companies.

Pre-Recorded Messages

For auto dialer calls to leave a message, you’re obliged to:

Need prior written permission

Include an option to opt out

Informational messages should provide only that information. They should not be used to promote a product or service, or sell products.

Deceptive Practices Are Prohibited

If you’re selling services or goods to someone it is mandatory that you give a detailed description of the services or items before you receive the payment. This includes details such as the total price and refunds.

You Must Disclose Your Identity and Services

The TSR will require anyone making an auto dialer to reveal the following information:

To avoid breaking the law and resulting in lawsuits and other charges to avoid being sued, companies must prepare and educate workers in the most efficient method possible. Some companies could incorporate auto dialer law into their education or incorporate the essential information in their handbooks. There are many methods to keep from being fined for knowingly or intentionally violating the law.

Here are some good practices you can consider (please note these are not legal advice):

How Convertbloom can help: You can use the Convertbloom Lead Forms on EMS, Forms App or the core CRM app to collect opt-in leads. You can classify the leads into MQL, SQL and set up automation rules around the same in the Convertbloom EMS app. You can also make use of the Convertbloom Webhooks (in Beta) to send signals to your external applications to make any changes in the lead status. After the lead list is scrubbed, you can upload the list into the Call Center Software (in Beta) to dial out. You can also use the call center software to take inbound calls.

Constant and careful monitoring – Two of the most important regulations are opt-in as well as opt-outOpt-in signifies that you require the consent of the recipient prior to calling them. Opt-out is the reverse, meaning that you will not require their permission before being able to contact them. When a company’s target state or region is a member of opt-out the business will have to keep its list of callers updated frequently. In the event that the recipient is subject to the operation under the “opt-out system,” the receiver can ask the company to not add them to future calls. The company is obliged to adhere and add this address to the blacklist, or DNC lists to not call this number again. This is why they have to conduct regular update of the list for the company.

Check the national DNC registry prior to the launch of your company’s plan or campaign. Identifying the DNCs significant amount of time prior to the event or campaign, the business is protected from unforeseen problems and helps them avoid unnecessary costs.

Check important information – regardless of the country’s distinct rules and regulations, an organization must be aware of each of them. It is essential for companies to be aware of any restrictions in order in order to be able to stay clear of these issues in the process. The most basic guidelines could be the legally-defined time of the day that companies can call, what telemarketing calls are permitted to be received as well as the state’s regulatory system or system, and any other important details.

Be yourself. It’s the most basic way to correctly introduce the company’s name, agent’s name and what you do (e.g. or an Telemarketer) and the reason to call (e.g. to announce a significant achievement for your business, to sell a product or to update you on transactions and so on.) Engaging in a conversation without talking about these important aspects is considered to be unprofessional, particularly in the field of telemarketing. The relationship between the company and its prospective customers could be damaged. Additionally, as the agent you are, you might be violating specific rules of the company or, on a greater level, a law that was designed to tackle this issue.

A business must have an agent who is live instead of a pre-recorded voice message It is recommended to avoid robocalls or pre-recorded messages. They are generally not appreciated and, in a lot of cases even not even heard of. But, it’s understandable businesses might experience an emergency. Therefore, there is a point at which you have to make automated calls. This is the only time that a business should use automated calls. And as you can don’t let it take longer than you consider acceptable. It is best to study the rules of a particular state and regulations, as certain states have restrictions or bans regarding pre-recorded or robocalls.

Always take into account the customers A few customers may be in agreement and consent to live calls. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are granting permission to receive calls from robocallers. It is advisable to verify and confirm this with them before you do so.

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