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January 16, 2022

Events Marketing


Event Marketing

Events are evolving. Do not be left behind in a cookieless virtual world, due to lack of right technology.

If you are already implementing virtual events, the question is how effectively are you integrating all the marketing channels for ROI and attribution. Sign up for your free course on email marketing.

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Marketing teams should consider emerging trends when planning GTM strategies in 2022, as the return to in-person events is still a possibility. This is especially true for event marketing. We see trends that events will be hybrid, thought leadership is not going away any where. Micro events will potentially be more effective than mega events. The event startegy should be aligned to top-of-funnel vs middle-of-funnel prospects.  Convertbloom events allows you to drive engaging events in a cost effective way.

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More than 3 million global professional events will take place in 2022. Work with us to embrace this medium and stand out with seamless event funnels.

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Capture leads.

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Engage the audience.

Customize experiencs

Use Technology to customize experience.

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