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November 26, 2021

Strong Title tag for SEO and egagement

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It\’s awe-inspiring to me the amount of people who don\’t take full benefit in the title tag. The title tag is perhaps the most crucial on-page element in SEO (and lots more as you\’ll find out). If you do not happen to be well-versed in HTML code, I\’ll show you the meaning of the title tag. The title tag can be found in the tags and titles of a web page. Its format is like this:

Your Page Title Here

The title tag is crucial due to two reasons that are very basic.

1.) Titles of pages are given an immense amount of importance by search engines. It has always been so and will always be. It\’s less important today than it was six or seven years ago, but it\’s still the top on-page aspect a page can have. In the end, its sole function is to define the page\’s content, and therefore it mustbe considered to be important.

2.) It is also used as the title tag. also serves to anchor your listing on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). If someone is on the search engine and performs an search to find your product, and one of your websites appears in the search that is it\’s title that your user will be able to see (along with a brief description) and can click on it to go to the site.

The problem is that a large number of webmasters do not understand or use titles tags. Instead of naming the page with keywords that are relevant to that particular page, they make use of the name of their company, etc.

If you\’re not FORD, GE, or any other multi-million-dollar company, you shouldn\’t have your logo and/or website names (unless it\’s an SEO-friendly website or name) within the tag title. Are users likely to be looking for your company\’s or website name, or will they be looking for keywords that relate to your service or product?

Let\’s look at an example of a real search I conducted earlier this morning:

So I did through a search on \”lawn chairs\” clicked to page two, and at 14 is a website with the name \”Brookbend\”.

This particular website isn\’t perfect and has lots of issues however we\’ll focus on the title tag or the lack of it, since the title tag on this particular website was actually \”Untitled Document\”. This is why Google substituted that tag with the name that was in the URL which is what Google usually does when a webmaster has done something sloppy like this. 😉

As I stated that this listing was the 14th list for \”lawn chairs\”. It\’s actually very good given that it does not have any title tags. Imagine how it would have been ranked had it used its title tags? It is possible to do something along the such as:

*Beautiful Outdoor Furniture, Lawn Chairs, Patio Tables*

Do you think they might have had the chance to get the same rank? I would affirm that.

There is another issue with the lack or title tag. And the reason for this is that their listing on their search engine is just \”Brookbend\”. I don\’t know what you think however, if I\’m searching at \”lawn chairs\” I\’m probably not likely click on a listing that says \”lawn chairs\”. click on a search result that simply says \”Brookbend\”. Because of one reason, it doesn\’t have any of the search words I used within the description. Another reason is that it\’s not very \”clickable\”.

A title tag should accomplish two things. It should contain the page\’s most crucial phrases, and it must entice people to click on it. In the above example, as a title, I used \”Beautiful Outdoor Furniture.\” …\”. It\’s because, even though I wanted to include keywords the title however, I also wanted the title to be well-read and draw users to click on it. It doesn\’t bring much value to achieve an excellent ranking if not one clicks on your page.

When you\’re creating your pages, be sure to:

1.) Determine what pages target keywords are.

2.) Include these keywords in the title tag of your page.

3.) Make sure that the title tag is attractive enough so that it makes the user desire to click on it.

Follow the three steps above often and you\’ll notice the results within a matter of minutes.

Look out for you at the top!

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