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Keyword rich pages for inbound marketing

Search Engine optimization continues to be a powerful inbound traffic generation method. As we have discussed, else where in the blog, always create fresh, meaningful original content for your audience. Do not write for search engine but for your audience. Yet some techniques, while creating your copy can help improve your competitive position in the …


Three website design considerations for SEO

When you think about designing websites, you can find a lot of incredible designers available. Many web designers are imaginative and possess an artistic background. They can use their talents as artists to create designs that will draw the attention of your viewers. However, there\’s one thing that the majority of web designers don\’t know. A majority of web …


Strong Title tag for SEO and egagement

It\’s awe-inspiring to me the amount of people who aren\’t taking full advantage of in the title tag. The title tag is perhaps the most crucial SEO on-page element (and lots more, you\’ll soon discover).If you do not happen to be a pro at HTML code, I\’ll show you how the tag title means.The title tag can be located in the and tags on a web page. Its format is like this:Your Page Title HereThe importance of the title tag because of two simple reasons.