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Book Summary – Crush It

Who is Gary Vee: Vaynerchuk along with his parents came to Belarus into America. U.S. in 1978, when he was just three years old. older. In 1983, Vaynerchuk’s dad opened a liquor shop situated in suburban New Jersey and, when Vaynerchuk was fifteen, started working at the family’s store. While liquor and beer were the mainstays of …


Book Summary – 22 immutable laws of marketing

22 Immitable Laws of Marketing is a classic text and came a generation before current digital marketing revolution. Some of its recommendations may be more relevant for large enterprises than small and medium business. Yet, many of those principles are classic and still have applicability in current era. Find a summary of the book 22 …


Book Summary – 1 – Page Marketing plan

This is one of the books from our Marketing Book Summary series. This was recommended as one of the Marketing Books to read in this blog. There is a Forbes article that states that not having an marketing strategy as one of the 10 most frequently made small-sized business marketing errors. Other examples include not having an online …


In pursuit of the purple cow

In the beginning of 21st century, Marketing guru Seth Godin, urged that entrepreneurs should strive to create remarkable products. It was a suggestion based on the failings of traditional marketing channels like television and the formula of generating trust and familiarity through significant spend in marketing through the traditional channels. Old rule: Create secure, ordinary …

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How I Raised Myself from Failure to success in Selling

This book is divided into six different chapters that appear to be easy to comprehend. Part One Part one tells Frank Bettger’s one-time story and how his life was changed. The backstory tells readers about Frank and where he comes from, giving readers faith to reach the same success. The author suggests that you must push yourself …

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The Challenger Sale

It was co-written by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson The book, ‘The Challenger Sales’, was written by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adams is a book that salespeople are known to recommend quite often. In addition to providing a more effective method to engage with customers, it can also help managers to improve their coaching, sales training, …