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April 17, 2022

Book Summary – Crush It

Book Summaries

Who is Gary Vee:

Vaynerchuk along with his parents came to Belarus into America. U.S. in 1978, when he was just three years old. older. In 1983, Vaynerchuk’s dad opened a liquor shop situated in suburban New Jersey and, when Vaynerchuk was fifteen, started working at the family’s store. While liquor and beer were the mainstays of the store’s sales, Vaynerchuk noticed the existence of a culture about wine, and he focused on ways to tap into the community to increase the business of the store’s wine.

In college, Vaynerchuk caught the first time he saw internet. He immediately realized that he could make use of the internet to increase the wine business of the store. One year later Vaynerchuk suggested to his father to sell wines on the internet. From there it was just a short route to rapid expansion.

The year 1997 was the time he founded winelibrary.com in just a couple of years, the revenues increased from four million dollars up to 20 million. After 2005, the company started looking at ways to capitalize on the growing popularity of blogs with videos as well as social networks (like MySpace and YouTube) to boost sales of wine. Then, in 2006, he created Wine Library TV, a video blog that aims to create an online community of wine lovers.


  1. To make money out of what you love, you must become an established brand.
  2. Select a medium that is suitable for your story telling style and tells stories that people would like to hear.
  3. Always ensure authenticity with your content.

The rise in social media led to the development of the “personal brand,” your online presence and your personality. In the beginning of 2000, Gary Vaynerchuk launched a personal brand that helped him expand his wine company and helped him become one of the very first influencers on social media. in Crush It!, Vaynerchuk insists that everyone requires an active digital presence in order to be current in their profession or even to start an entirely new career by making money from your personal brand. He offers step-by-step directions to build and optimize your personal brand on the internet, from choosing the right niche to making money from your content.

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Why You Need a Personal Brand

Vaynerchuk asserts that everyone must improve their personal brand in order to remain relevant in the business world regardless of industry or career goals. A lively personal image is vital since the internet has revolutionized the world of business and continues to transform the world of almost every field.

According to Vaynerchuk that anyone can benefit from personal branding, for example:

In the next article, we’ll look at the eight steps that Vaynerchuk has laid out for creating and monetizing a successful personal brand.

Step 1: Choose Your Niche

Vaynerchuk frequently argues that your brand’s personality must be authentic to the person you are, starting with your area of expertise. While it’s tempting , he says, to select an area because of its popularity however, he says that you allow your passion to guide you, as it will not only appeal to your target audience, but will keeps you focused and engaged in the work, even during the long days and evenings.

Vaynerchuk says that any interest can become an opportunity to build a individual brand–from accountants to craftsmen. It could be a logical extension of your expertise in the field or just a pastime, but as you’re passionate about it and imaginative about the way you present your facts, you’ll be able to get digital recognition.

For instance, Vaynerchuk took an unorthodox method of reviewing and tasting the wines that he reviewed in Wine Library TV: He was determined to make the wine world accessible to everyone, which is why the way he spoke was casual and used familiar terms. Instead of claiming that the wine did not “nosing” the wine when you take a whiff prior to taking drinking his first glass, he referred to it”sniffy-sniff. “sniffy-sniff”–and when describing wine’s flavor notes, he often observed some hints to Cap’n Crunch. (Shortform Note: He set aside an episode for mixing cereal with wine.)

How to Choose Your Niche

The most popular areas that influencers can tap into for marketing include fashion, beauty travel, parenting, and the best way to earn money online. This is something that Vaynerchuk has concentrated on since the mid-2000s. But, just like in the business world of old the larger the market, the more fierce the competition. There are also many influential influencers who are successful who are monetizing niches that aren’t well-known, such as Disney fandom or copywriting.

Are you unsure of which is your favorite subject? Take a look at these questions:

What do you do with your time in leisure?

Which are the top 3 passions?

What sort of people do you like to speak to about your particular interests? (In terms of what is your ideal target public?)

Step 2: Establish Your Web Presence

Your website will serve as the foundation for the personal branding of your business and all of your posts on social media and your outreach should eventually lead people towards your website. Vaynerchuk suggests these steps to building the perfect website:

  1. Buy your domain name. You can buy your domain at https://clovecloud.com. Other destinations include Namecheap, Porkbun, GoDaddy etc.
  2. Create your own Instabloom site, WordPress or Tumblr account to host your domain. Instabloom is part of Convertbloom product suite and it is revolutionazing the way you can establish webpresence in no time with a single click. You can add Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics and SEO optimization effectively without the bugs involved in other open source platforms like WordPress.
  3. Hire a web developer If you are able to afford it. While your visitors will be able to accept the low cost of production for your content an attractive and user-friendly website can help convert first-time visitors into subscribers. A bespoke site could cost you anywhere between USD 2000 to USD 5000. However, you can use multiple templates available in instabloom to create your custom look and feel at no additional cost. Additionally there will be no hosting charges.
  4. Create your social media accounts. Be sure your username matches your website domain name. You can manage the Roundflows app to use you social media accounts seamlessly from one integrated dashboard.

Step 3: Choose the Right Medium

Once you’ve identified the subject you’re planning to speak about, you’ll need to determine the best way you’ll convey the information. When deciding between audio, text or video content, Vaynerchuk recommends making the decision on your personal style and your comfort level and not the subject of your field.

Expand Your Brand to (Almost) Every Medium

While Vaynerchuck discusses the importance of picking only one medium an entrepreneur and influential Pat Flynn advocates expanding to different typesof media when you expand. Through the “Being Everywhere” strategy, Flynn insists that your brand’s name should be on every medium and on every platformfor continuous and diverse exposure that quickly expands your following.

But, Flynn clarifies that if you attempt to reach out everywhere immediately and then you’ll be spread too thin to have an impressive following for allplatform. Instead, he suggests to you

Begin by creating the blog.

Make your brand known to your target following. While he doesn’t define a minimum however, he does say that you must have an “sizable, respectable” following prior to expanding.

Take lessons from your users. Find out what other content types your customers prefer and let that guide your by adding only one type of platform content type at one time.

Flynn created his own personal brand through a blog back in 2008. Then, he launched an YouTube channel later in the year before launching podcasts in the year 2010. Each new venture was a natural extension from the previous, and all of it pointed towards his website. The result was that his following grew.

Despite encouraging people to “be everywhere,” Flynn advises against using everyplatform since there aren’t all platforms that will dramatically increase the number of followers you have. Instead, try to be on to all platforms you think (most or all of) your target users use. (The Pew Research Center has information on social media use for a variety in demographics.)

Step 4: Choose the Right Platform

Vaynerchuk recommends using several platforms. He advises using every one strategically in order to maximise the strengths of each and have each one direct readers to your website. He explains the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular platforms available today however, since a lot have changed in the time since this book’s release We will instead focus on the most important characteristicsto consider when selecting the right platform.




How to Choose Which Platforms to Use

In addition to Pat Flynn’s suggestion to blog on the social media platforms your target audience is using the more, you should consider a number of other things to think about. You should ask yourself the following questions:

What do you consider to be your top two or three goals with social media? Perhaps, you are trying to help educate others to increase the reach of your company, or build your reputation in your industry?

What are the strengths and weak points? For instance, Twitter is great for reaching a large international public, while LinkedIn is great to promote B2B services.

What’s working well for your competitors? Check out the platforms your competitors are using What and how frequently they post, how large their followers are and how engaged their followers are.

Step 5: Create Engaging Content

Once you’ve got the basic elements and the foundations, you can begin creating blogs, tweets videos, posts, or podcasts on your subject. Vaynerchuk explains that every piece of content you publish is a method to draw people into your personal brand and encouraging people to join your expanding fan base.

To make compelling content, Vaynerchuk says you must:

The StoryBrand Formula for Creating Your Marketing Story

Storytelling is one of the most important strategies in marketing. In building the StoryBrand, Donald Miller claims that telling stories is the best method to promote a brand since it helps make information more easy to digest and enjoyable.

Miller came up with an elaborate seven-part formula for creating an effective story that connects to customers and convinces them that your product can improve their lives.

Your client is looking for something and comes across an…

Problemthat hinders them from obtaining it. They require…

The name of your brand that has an…

The planto aid them in solving the issue. Your brand needs to communicate a…

Call to an actionthat clearly clarifies…

The stakes in the event that the customer fails to act and…

What could they gain by deciding to act.

Step 6: Build Your Community

If you create quality content it is possible to build the following you require to be able to make money from your business. Vaynerchuk says that when it comes to building community, quality over the quantity: A handful of faithful, committed customers are more likely to garner larger numbers of followers than huge group of unengaged followers.

Once you’ve posted and created your content Vaynerchuk offers steps-by-step guidelines for building your online community. Repeat these steps over and over again to keep growing your audience.

  1. Search for keywords related to your area of expertise on every social media platform and sign up to active forums and groups related to your subject. Seosuite at Convertbloom provides you with powerful SEO and Keyword research tools to pick relevant content niches.
  2. Find out what users are saying about your subject and what they’re most interested in, and what they do and dislike about it. This information is crucial to use in your own content development and outreach efforts.
  3. Participate in the conversation. Make insightful, informed comments on content as well as other comments. Make sure you include your name as well as an URL to your blog or vlog. One of the most powerful features of Convertbloom platform is to enable auto reply and auto like for your social media posts. As per our survey, when you engage with your community, you establish a more loyal community and prevent churn.
  4. Transform your readers into followers with engaging, insightful content and eye-catching call-to-action buttons such as “Subscribe” and “Follow me.”
  5. Engage with your readers. Show that you are aware of and grateful for your audience by including their concerns within your content. You could even incorporate subtle messages or humorous jokes only faithful followers will be able to understand.

Step 7: Keep It Going

You’re already on the path to establishing a successful brand that is profitable and a success. Now you need to keep it going. Vaynerchuk suggests limiting your expectations on a variety of areas.

How to Get Your First 1,000 Followers

Quality is always more important than numbers when it comes to your followers however, your followers number is still a crucial measure of your personal brand. No matter if you’re using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or another social network there are some essential steps that will aid you in reaching the 1,000 followers mark.

Be sure to fill out your profile completely, including your website and location, your profile picture, and an engaging bio that’s sprinkled with hashtags and keywords.

Cross-pollinate: Post a hyperlink to your profile on other social media platforms (for example tweeting an image of the Instagram page) Include hyperlinks to your social profiles within the signature of your email signature.

Include “follow” buttons for your social media profiles to your website or blog. website.

Step 8: Monetize

After you’ve built your credibility and built a loyal following You’re now able to begin making money from your passion. Here are some methods to make money through your personal branding.

1) Advertising–Vaynerchuk recommends cold-calling companies that are relevant to your niche and asking them to advertise with you directly.

2.) Programs for affiliates–Connect with businesses who offer products that you trust Promote their products and earn a fee when someone uses your code or link to purchase the product.

3) merchandise–Create your own products using your logo. They could relate to your specific niche (like the resistance band, for instance, if your company has a fitness-related brand) or they can be promotional (like Tee-shirts).

4.) speaking engagements–Find an event in your area of expertise, come up with an original idea and then contact the organizers to provide the opportunity to present a presentation for free. Vaynerchuk advises you to start charging once you’ve got five or six presentations under your belt. And while you’re at it you’ll earn credibility and reach an audience that is interested.

5.) Seminars–Host events that provide you with the opportunity to showcase your knowledge. Look for opportunities to work with local businesses or entrepreneurs. For instance, if your company has a fitness-related brand, you could host an informational and/or training session at the local gym.

6.) Consultation–As you build followers and trustworthiness, other users begin to request guidance on your area of expertise or about how to build a following. You can charge them for your time and experience.

7.) Articles–Write articles for newsletters, blogs, and magazines that are related to your field of expertise.

8) Book and TV deals–When your fame and credibility are growing enough that you’ll be able to share your ideas to larger platforms, such as Perez Hilton and Amanda Congdon have done.

The Growth of Influencer Marketing

Since social media influencers have increased their than just influence and influence, there’s been a surge in influencer marketing that allows businesses to hire influencers to advertise their products by way of endorsements and affiliate programs. The market has grown steadily since the latter part of 2010 and it exploded to $9.7 billion in 2020 because the flu epidemic led people to spend much more online. In 2021, the influencer marketing is predicted to reach $13.8 billion.

Many influencers around the world are trying to grab an ounce of the multibillion dollar pie and many more are continuously becoming part of their ranks. Although this has led some people to believe that the market for influencers is getting saturated, other claim that despite being more than competitive than it was in the past, there is always the need for more people with interesting content and fresh perspectives. In actuality many “influencer marketing solution” businesses have popped up to assist brands in finding the best influencers for promoting their products by analyzing factors like:

The influencer’s target and the audience are compatible with the company’s image

The frequency of and often do they share their content–An actively active social media profile should comprise an average daily of two or three posts via Facebook as well as Instagram and approximately 15 tweets.

How engaged are their followers–Companies need to make sure that an influencer’s following isn’t inflated by bots and that the followers are able to like or comment on and tag friends on the posts of the influencer.

How engaged is the influencer?Influencers must respond to their the comments of their followers and engage their followers via their posts.

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