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February 24, 2022

How I Raised Myself from Failure to success in Selling

Book Summaries

This book is divided into six different chapters that appear to be easy to comprehend.

Part One

Part one tells Frank Bettger’s one-time story and how his life was changed. The backstory tells readers about Frank and where he comes from, giving readers faith to reach the same success. The author suggests that you must push yourself to be more excited until you are. It’s about deciding to double the energy that you’re currently putting into your life and work. It will help you to double your earnings and increase your happiness.

To conquer your fears and build confidence in yourself to overcome your fear, you should enroll in a public speaking program in which you are able to speak. The fear of speaking in front of an audience can help you overcome the anxiety of speaking to others regardless of how large or significant they may be.

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Sales is a collaborative process to help others

The satisfaction of completing tasks is the highest satisfaction in life, particularly when you’ve performed your best. If you’re having difficulty managing your time and wish to prioritize your work based on the priority order it is recommended to set aside an entire day to organize yourself day. It will aid you in creating the right strategy.

Part Two

The second portion of the book contains Frank’s formula for success , based on his own experience, loss and victories.

Learn the art of asking questions. By asking questions rather than making positive statements can help you to make sales and help people come to your opinions. It is vital to be respectful and not insult the client when asking questions..

It is essential to identify the most important issue and the most vulnerable part and adhere to it.

The author explains how he started to improve his selling skills with the gold question”why? “why?”

To discover the reason behind the objection and the actual reason behind it, ask yourself ‘why’ and in addition to that?’ This can assist you in finding the answers and will help you over the oppositions.

Being a great listener does wonders. It makes the person listening feel appreciated. People want acknowledgement and respect, but do not get it often. Giving it to your clients is the best way to ensure successful business.

Part Three

In the third installment of the book, How I Raise myself from failure to success in Sales The author focuses on the greatest blessing of salespersons – the confidence the public has in the person they trust. You will succeed when people begin to trust you.

To feel confident and gain the trust of others you must be aware of your industry and keep up-to-date on the most recent developments. The author quotes Benjamin Franklin and says that you should congratulate your competitors for gaining the confidence of the client.

Make a habit of using understatements and stop overstating. Another method to win the trust of prospective customers is to bring in your own witness.

Part Four

The fourth chapter of the book looks at ways to make people desire to do transactions with your company. The author gives easy-to-follow guidelines to help you achieve this, such as not using names of people and remembering their names and getting over the anxiety of speaking to executives of companies. Accepting that you’re afraid of the presence of your client is like giving them a big thank you. Knowing what your client will appreciate can help you to make the sale.

Part Five

The fifth section of the book offers an in-depth look at the sales process. It covers what you must do prior to making a sale setting appointments, making appointments, and speaking to the client and other important customers, as well as the manner in which you conduct the meeting or phone call. The author also discusses closing strategies.

Part Six

The sixth section of the novel is last section that emphasizes that you shouldn’t be scared to fail even if you do. The author cites Benjamin Franklin, but it isn’t relevant to the current generation and people who aren’t native to the US.

Key Ideas From How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling

Once you’ve figured out the title of the book “How I Retaught myself from failure to success with Selling’ all about and know the gist of the book’s contents, we can take a closer look at the main ideas that are within the text.

1. You are what you experience. Create the illusion of enthusiasm until the real enthusiasm is absorbed and motivates you.

The reason salespeople are able to remain positive even when they hear “NO” most of the times?

Every time a sale is successful the seller will get 10 rejections. The reason for this is passion. Through a series of techniques you can make anyone enthusiastic.

The book Bettger declares that he was not a very good baseball player since he couldn’t display his passion in the field.

He further explains the issue,

Bettger was afraid of failing and this was the reason he stopped doing his best. To hide his anxiety, he began doing the safe thing and looked uninterested. The author was forced to take a huge salary cut because he wasn’t thrilled about working in a lesser league. In order to make up for this, he attempted to make himself more motivated.

He began to appear to be excited about the game. He also began conquering his fear of failure and improving his performance in the field. He then was able to negotiate a higher pay. It is possible to apply this model in the world of sales since enthusiasm is a must.

When Bettger was retired from basketball he began selling insurance. He realized that, in this case his enthusiasm was holding him back, just as it was in baseball. He reacted positive and more optimistic. This helped him sell his first product. This means that being positive and energetic will assist you in completing your tasks.

2. Be attentive to the issues of your clients and shift the attention away from yourself.

If the product you are selling is a comb do you want to sell it to a person who is bald? Most likely, the answer is a no which is regardless of the quality the comb that you sell. It could be the most effective comb available. The point here is that people don’t want to purchase items they don’t need.

In order to understand the requirements of your clients, you must ask them some questions. Start with asking them about their work.

It is possible to understand the requirements of clients by understanding what drives them. Through asking questions, you can learn about the desires of the customer and develop a relationship with them.

The author recalls a customer who was so captivated by his interest that he bought the policy without hesitation. When you pay attention to someone else, it feels valued and assists you to understand their requirements. If you concentrate on your customers’ needs rather than the sales pitch, they’ll be more open to your suggestions. For example, the writer claims that a salesman from magazines was unable to sell magazines because the needs of his customers were not as clear as those of his clients. He realized the mistake and changed his pitch. He emphasized that his customers were busy and didn’t have the time on information that was not important, therefore they required his magazine. This led to the magazine’s sales grew immediately.

3. An “No” is not set in stone for all time. You can discover the true motivation behind the client’s refusal.

Once you’ve learned how to approach customers with questions and to be enthusiastic and enthusiastic, you must learn to deal with the rejection. It’s not always easy as people often do not disclose the reasons why they say no.

The author describes that when clients weren’t prepared to reveal the true reason behind why they turned his offer down, he conducted an investigation to discover what was going on. Then, he realized that his client was doubts and stated that his business had a debt problem and was unable to be able to afford a new insurance policy. But the author realized that there was something more in addition to the money issue. The client questioned him about the issue, and discovered there was a concern over his security sons of the client. When he figured out the reason the client had concerns, the writer amended an insurance contract to deal with the concerns of the client and then closed the deal.

Another way to overcome objections is to convince the client that their worries might not be based on fact in their assertions. The client had told the author that they don’t require insurance because they’re so wealthy that they could escape difficulties without difficulty. The author advised the person that their logic was not correct and informed the client that their family members would be required to pay taxes on inheritance should he die. The moment the client was aware of that, he bought an insurance plan.

4. Be informed about the business to establish trust. You must be trustworthy so that trust is maintained.

When you are able to achieve success in sales, it is important start earning your the trust of your customers and have them return to you. It is crucial to be aware of the field you work in.

If you wish your customers to believe in your business, then you should make every effort to keep up-to-date on your products, market and the industry. The author collaborated along with 16 other salespeople in order to understand this concept at the early stages in his professional career. From the salesmen just two of them handled 70% of the business. Other salespeople consulted with the two salesmen because they were more knowledgeable than the other salesmen. They regularly read trade magazines and newsletters to stay informed of the latest developments. This helped them build solid relationships with their customers which led to a large number of sales. That means you need to be trustworthy for you to gain confidence from your customers.

The author states that he found this out through trial and error by exaggerating the insurance premiums to secure deals. A customer once rechecked the figures and discovered that they were not accurate. The client’s business then opted for an alternative and the author lost the chance. In addition, it also caused the client to lose confidence to the creator.

5. Make sure that your clients feel valued. Make sure you know who they are and the things they’re most interested in.

Imagine you’re facing two different kinds of salespersons. One seems to be friendly and inquires about the wellbeing of your family members, while the other doesn’t remember your name. If both salespeople sell the same item, from which one will you buy it? It would be that salesman who impressed you. special.

The first rule of thumb is to make an efforts to remember the names of your customers. It might seem difficult at first but with practice and repetition, it’ll become more easy. The best way to remember names is also useful in transactions with business partners too.

Repetition is crucial to remember the name. It helps to create a mental picture that helps us remember their name.

When you meet someone, mentioning their name when you meet them will demonstrate that you’re attracted to them and attentive to their needs. If you have a meeting with someone who you like, make sure to repeat their name in less than 10 seconds to cement it in your memory.

The above suggestions will help your customers feel valued and will be more inclined to work with you.

The process of selling a product might seem simple, but the job will not be done until you’ve completed the sale. If you remain in contact with your customers following the sale, and ensure they are pleased with your service and service, they’re likely to purchase from your company in the future too.

The author gives an example in this article.

A refrigerator salesman would always call on his clients after they bought a new refrigerator. This was because he wanted his customers to be satisfied with their purchase and to tell others about the purchase. Through the recommendations of his customers the salesperson made more sales.

The main point is that when you care for your clients They will take care of you.

6. Do the sale prior to the sale starts to control. Be sincere when you’re scared.

There’s a debate about the need to create an offer prior to the sale. This is accomplished by scheduling appointments. Before you sell, it might be simpler to make the appointment with the client prior to selling. By doing this, you can help manage the situation, and also earn the trust of your client.

If you schedule an appointment with your client, it indicates that you respect the time of the client, and , at the same moment, pay attention to your own time too.

The process of securing a meeting isn’t enough, because once you have secured your time, it is important to remain pleasant and be sure to ask pertinent questions to your clients to ensure they feel comfortable with what they require.

In certain instances, your nervousness may manifest, and it’s best to acknowledge that you are nervous at times. The author shared an experience of trying to pitch a product to an auto executive. Due to anxiety, he was unable to talk. He acknowledged it and explained to the customer that he was so anxious that he’s unable to even speak. The honesty of the author was a win for him and helped him make the sale.

Key Learnings Of How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success In Selling

Strategies to be successful in sales

1. Be positive – even in the absence of enthusiasm it is important to behave as if you have. This will allow you to succeed.

2. Do yourself a favor and allow yourself to organize – give the most important.

3. Consider the interests of the other individuals.

4. Ask questions

5. Find out the fundamental desire or need of the prospective client.

6. Listen more

7. Be honest and gain confidence.

8. Make sure you are up-to-date with your business information.

9. Thank and praise competitors.

10. Make an effort to remember the names of faces and even their initials.

More From The Author In The Book

1. The rule of thumb to speak less and listen more

One of the main reasons salespeople fail to make a profit is because they are too loud. To avoid this, Bettger has a thumb rule: If you notice that you’ve been speaking all day, you should stop. You will know you’ve been wasting your time when the person you are talking to isn’t demanding to finish your sentence. It is better to concentrate on the customer rather and not tell your own story if wish to make a success of selling.

2. The method of asking questions

The author’s method of asking questions can help you learn six points,

1. It can help in avoiding arguments.

2. It stops you from speaking too often.

3. It makes the person who is not the recipient of it understand his needs

4. It helps in making the thinking of the other person crystal clear

5. It helps in finding the root of the problem.

6. Make them feel special

3. Confidence building

The book concentrates on the 6 methods to boost confidence in other people

1. Deserve confidence

2. Know about your business and stay informed

3. Praise your competitors

4. Bring witnesses

5. Look at your level best

6. Don’t exaggerate

Who Should Read This Book?

How I Survived myself from failure to success in Selling is appropriate for everyone selling. It can be used by someone selling homes or working with insurance policies. Each salesperson should take this guide as a useful guide and learn to master it. Whatever products or services you’re selling The ideas in this book will be beneficial to you.

Why Do I Recommend This Book?

‘ How I Raised Myself From Failure to The Success in Selling The book written by Frank Bettger, is an old-fashioned book that is essential for anyone working who work in sales. It reveals the tips on how to create an ongoing relationship with your customers to be successful in selling.

Final Thoughts

When you are in business, you must to be able to conquer the challenges and fears of your mind. It is vital to stay organized for this.

Although this book can be helpful for salespeople, you could gain from the book even when aren’t working in sales. Be aware that regardless of what your profession, you’ll always offer something to others which could be by way of an idea or point of view or even an argument.

This book reads more the personal tale that tells the story of Frank Bettger, complete with his failures and struggles. The way he turned his career and his life around to become the best salesman in the world is worth researching. It offers hope to those who do not get lucky initially.

While they were living in the past however, the rules and principles appear to be relevant to the current. The only things that appear old-fashioned are the usage of gender-specific pronouns as well as the numbers in dollars that seem not enough in comparison to the numbers of the present. How I Overcame Myself From Failure to Success in Selling, written by Frank Bettger, is definitely an ideal read for anyone looking to improve the sales of their business and enhance their selling strategies.

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