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February 22, 2022

Effective email marketing tips for small business

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Neil Patel says that out of the various channels he has tested as a marketer email consistently outperforms the majority of them. Email marketing is among the most efficient and cost-effective marketing methods for small companies. There is virtually no chance of being caught in the fires of corssfire since big ad platforms stifle horns. As per Neil Shaffer, email marketers make $40 in sales for each $1 spent sending emails. As per the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing typically yields an ROI of 4300 percent the investment (ROI) for businesses located in the United States. This is due to the fact that there are 5. billion email addresses, email marketing is simple to manage, provides complete control and lets you establish an immediate contact with your clients. They are private, focused specific, and allows users to communicate with one another and have the highest rate of adoption. You are the owner of all rights to your email list as a valuable asset.

A reliable email marketing solution should allow you to design highly engaging email newsletters using a simple user interface (ideally an editor that can be drag-and-drop). It should allow you to effortlessly send large quantities of emails that are personalized and targeted with a minimum of effort. This is also referred to in the field of marketing automation. Apart from that the email marketing service should allow you to easily manage your list of contacts, group customers into different groups and keep track of the results and effectiveness of the email marketing programs. Marketing expert Shane Barker has provided the following simple check list for selecting your email marketing program:

Quick Check List

Pick a platform that’s simple to use. It isn’t worth your time to spend hours learning to operate a complicated platform while you could be spending your time working doing other things with your business.

Check to see if the platform has an extensive array of options. You must be able to design stunning emails as well as make it easier to automate email marketing and monitor the effectiveness from your marketing campaigns.

Look into the support options for customer support. If you encounter a problem it is important to be able to seek help by the customer support team.

Consider your budget. You don’t want to spend too much to fund your email marketing but you shouldn’t pick a platform that’s expensive and does not have the features you require.

It is important to evaluate the various email marketing platforms before you make the decision. Select the one that works the best for your company and your clients.

In addition, a reliable email service will ensure you that email campaigns don’t get buried within the junk mailer.

Convertbloom Sendsuite, Aweber, Active Campaign, Hubspot, etc. are great options for email marketing. Convertbloom allows you with omni-channel integration and comes with a simple and fast learning curve. You get all the key tools under one roof so you dont have to sign up and learn multiple tools. The steps are very simple:

  • Sign up for a free trial account
  • Activate your CRM and generate Bearer Token
  • Set up your CB sendsuite email lists, automations, forms and segments
  • Set up your CB Landing Bloom Landing page suite with sendsuite integration and crm lead collection
  • Optionally set up digital product sales pages and thank you pages
  • Set up CB Event suite for webinar, podcast and online events
  • Set up the CB social suite for social media post scheduling, social commerce, abandoned cart recovery and messenger chat bot set up

Turbo Charge Conversion

Convertbloom is specifically designed for SMBs to turbocharge conversion. With simple onboarding and fast learning curve, you get access to all the key tools to set up your marketing and lead generation funnels.

Define Your Email Marketing Goal

Before you start making your emails you should think about what I intend to accomplish with email marketing? What can I communicate to my target audience to attract their attention, and bring both parties benefits? Answering these questions will assist you in planning your campaigns with greater care and with the needs of your customers in the forefront of your thoughts.

After that, determine which email kinds will be more effective according to your company’s needs. For instance, if you are looking to boost awareness of your brand, design an email with updates about your business and the reasons why buyers should be interacting with you over the long term. Also, if you’d like to boost sales in a specific season create a promotional email that offers a discount or coupon to the most discerning customers.

Define your Audience

The first step before creating content and strategy for email marketing, it is crucial to understand your audience persona in detail. A customized email message could boost your click-through rates of 14% and can also increase the conversion rate of your email by 10 percent.

Learn about what your audience is and your target market. Know the factors that draw individuals into your business. Figure out the reason and how people are using your products. Ask questios such as What made you aware of our business? What made you choose to buy from us? Are you familiar with our company? Have you ever purchased from us previously? It is great to include review and survey process for your business, which Convertbloom can offer.

Grow Your Email List

But how do you collect emails from prospects and customers? Let’s first clarify that in order to send emails to customers it is necessary to be able to get their consent that is essentially the consent to email them. There are two simple methods to create the email lists:

Sign-up Form: Request your customers to sign-up to your newsletter via an appropriate section within your website. Be sure that your registration form is simple to locate and complete. Don’t overburden the process by asking for irrelevant information or lengthy registration forms. All you need is your name, and valid email address, and a one-click registration option. It can also appear as the form of a pop-up that is displayed for a short period when a user arrives on your website however, make sure it doesn’t interfere with the user’s experience.

Lead Magnet: Another effective method of acquiring email addresses is to create lead magnets. Offer something to customers for no cost in exchange for their email addresses. It could be something like a blog post, webinar or even a written report. It’s up to you choose what will appeal to your target customers, based on the market you are in. Therefore, place the lead magnets in the top of your website and then share the lead magnets on your various social networks users to get more attraction.

Offer incentives and promotions Customers and subscribers: Offer incentives to sign up for you email campaigns. It is important to inform them of the benefits they’ll receive, the benefits you offer as well as what sales and discounts deals are currently running in addition to how significant your company is. Incentivizing your subscribers will generate the growth of leads and assists small companies to increase their reach.

Craft Email Content That Converts

Irresistible content sent through email marketing can be really effective in navigating what Google calls as the messy middle, creating the right trigger for the customer in the stage between awareness and action.

What is the key to a successful email? Are you looking for the copy or design or the reward it offers to the recipients? The answer is all of these and more, crafted with a clever and unique approach. Make sure to personalize your email messages instead of sending them out by sending generic email messages. A simple salutation that includes an initial can be enough to entice your reader. When someone reads their name in the email it creates instantly connected to the person who sent it. Engagement rates are directly proportional to the personalization. Let’s break it down into the fundamental factors:

The subject of the email should be catchy and speaks to the subject of the email

You can be as creative as you like and play with various design elements and copy lines. When you start to notice certain trends, take advantage of these trends to grow.

It’s not realistic to expect readers to read each email that you send. They’ll glance through your messages mainly. It is essential to use simple text and attractive images that catch the eye at the first sight. Make sure you format your content to make it easier to read, make sure you have titles and include alt tags for pictures. Make use of small paragraphs space, headings, and spaces to make your content appear clutter-free.

In selling billions of dollars of revenue, I Have come to realize that being concise is the key to success. The ability to break up long sentences into smaller paragraphs and bullets helps readers skim through the email and comprehend the most important information without getting bogged down by unnecessary details. I usually limit marketing email messages at 500 words or less and to include a “P.S.” after the email as most people only read beginning, middle and the end of emails. While being precise, end strong. Clearly call out the CTAs.

Align content to the Email Lifecycle:

The various type of emails include:

Understand the Basic Types of Email Marketing

When you’re planning to make or send emails, it’s crucial to think about the different kinds of emails you could send. There are a variety of types of email marketing but for small-sized businesses there are four you need to consider.

Welcome emails

It’s your first contact with a potential customer and it can make or break your company. An welcome email is essentially an introduction from your company to a potential customer, and a promise for the possibility of a long-lasting relationship.


After you’ve built trust, you must send gentle reminders to ensure that new customers don’t forget about your business. Newsletters could be sent out either monthly or weekly or any other regular schedule, but it all depends on how much information you’ve got that’s worthy of sharing.

Customer acquisition emails

These emails are designed to getting the loyalty of potential subscribers who have yet to decide to join your company. With these messages you’ll send out special offers or details that improve the value of being your customer.

Retention emails

Once you’ve earned the trust of your customers It is crucial to keep it. To do this it is possible to send emails with special discounts for loyal customers, like special events, sales or other events. It is also a good idea to solicit feedback.

Promotional emails

These are emails that contain the direct message of a call to actions. The goal is to present the new service or product and eventually, to sell it. A lot of special offers fall into this category.

Stay ahead of the curve in email style

There’s no one else sending emails to your customers. They could already be receiving beautiful emails from your bigger-sized competitors. What can you do to distinguish yourself? By keeping up with the current trends, of course.

The most important thing is to draw your readers their attention and hold it for long enough to allow them to be converted. A few email design tips to keep in mind include:

Be careful with the visuals. Email marketing should not be just an assortment of words. It isa good idea to include images, graphics or even embed videos – after all pictures are worth a thousand word. Make sure you include the al texts.  Your audience will want to be able to see! Make sure that the images work on the tiny display, though, since they could want to check emails on their smartphones.

It is safe to send the email with visuals to your known audience, who have received and accepted your emails. For cold emails or new audience, often visuals may land you in spam so be careful.

Use the right Metrics to track and measure performance

If you are a small business, it is essential to do your best to impress your customers. It is possible to do this with holiday emails, whether they are promotional or simply a wish. According to research the holidays emails are more successful at conversion rates than normal business emails.

After you’ve sent the campaigns, you need to check how they’ve worked and if they’ve reached your KPIs. It’s difficult to accomplish this with each email kind, since certain goals are more vague than others. But, even though it’s difficult to gauge the brand’s popularity, it’s still possible to determine the amount of people who have clicked on an email campaign, and the way they reacted to determine their behaviour and interests.

In the future, we’ll discuss the best ways to use marketing tools such as Moosend to monitor your email marketing efforts , and what metrics to keep track of. Keep watching!

Do not ignore competition but don’t over index

It is advisable to keep an eye at competitor’s actions. You can’t succeed if you don’t know what kind of user experience your rivals provide to their customers. Sign up to your competitors’ email list to receive weekly or monthly updates. Learn about their tone, style and design as well as their overall UX. You shouldn’t copy their style and content Instead, draw the ideas and inspiration to ensure that your content stands out from the crowd. This is a sensible strategy.

Provide easy method to unsubscribe

Yes, it is very important. Not only from regulatory stand point but also from email engagement stand poit that impacts your deliverability The most costly mistake that anyone could make is not letting go their clients. It’s a smart idea to make an effort to retain customers, but don’t remove the unsubscribe option to avoid losing customers.

You’d rather be unsubscribed, rather than be moving your email to the junk or spam folder. Always indicate and put the option to unsubscribe within the email copy. People who want to quit will go elsewhere. This only adds to the disdain and anger towards your business , if you don’t reveal the button.

In case you’re looking for ways to implement marketing for small-sized firms, this is the right guide for you.

How To Do Email Marketing As A Small Business

The methods discussed above are essential for reaching to a limited amount of customers via the email company, like Gmail. But if you’re looking to consider taking email marketing serious, this will not suffice. Here are some best methods for those looking to be successful via the marketing channel.

1. Get An Email Marketing Solution

The process of creating email campaigns that make an impression on your subscriber’s inbox isn’t always a thing that’s easy. There’s plenty to think about in terms of design, coding and email delivery are only a few aspects of the list. If you don’t want your email messages end in the trash and damaging your reputation, it’s crucial to choose the perfect email marketing tool that has excellent deliverability data to guide you on this journey.

A majority the email newsletter software providers provide pre-made email templates and intuitive builders to create stunning emails with a few steps. They also offer list-building capabilities and integrate to other CRM and marketing stacks for the highest level of efficiency. Additionally, they can be extremely effective in how their automation tools could be for your everyday tasks.

The benefits that the use of professional email marketing services is:

The option is to send exclusive mass email messages to customers.

You can track subscriber activity and categorize your subscribers based on the actions they make.

With the help of reporting tools, you will be able to see which country you have largest number of subscribers. You can change your preferences for time zones, or send messages at exactly the appropriate time.

You will be able to see your email address of your entire list.

It is possible to run A/B split tests to determine which email subject lines, content, and offers will be most effective for your subscribers.

2. Set Up Automated Campaigns

In the same vein as marketing automation by interacting with your customers at specific times in the customer’s journey, you’ll establish strong connections with them. Determine which aspects are the most important to your company and create automated workflows in line with.

marketing automation benefits

For instance, welcome messages generally have high rates of open and offer an excellent chance to make the right impression on your customers and subscribers and convince them to subscribe. Re-engagement and abandoned cart emails campaigns can lead to profitable conversions.

3. Know Your Subscribers

As a marketer, recognize how vital knowing your target market is to develop appropriate experience for their. Understanding your buyer personas can aid you in creating campaigns that speak to your audience with a tone that resonates with the people they are.

If, for instance, you target the millennials, you’ll employ various language and even references as opposed to baby boomers. However If you do not follow this manner, you could lead to unsubscribes as well as a high frequency of spam. The worst part is that your customers who have been loyal to you could be less loyal to your brand.

4. Try Customer Segmentation

When you’ve identified your most popular buyer personas you’ll likely find that not every buyer will have exactly the same email content. To make personalized email experiences, consider segmenting your lists. With the power of personal marketing is in the present it is essential for businesses of all sizes.

You can, for instance, split your customers into various groups based on factors such as demographics , or geographic information. If, for instance, your clients reside in other nations, you can arrange diverse offers to them, with more chance of conversion according to their the location.

5. Monitor Your Analytics

In the preceding section, we talked about the importance of keeping track of the performance of your emails. This will help you understand how effective they are , and the areas you need to improve in order to boost conversions during the road. Here are a few of the primary email indicators to keep track of:

The open rate is how many people are open to your emails?

Once these indicators are more precise your email campaigns will eventually improve, leading to more effective email ROI.

6. Conduct A/B tests

Sometimes, you’re surrounded by different concepts regarding how to structure your email copy and each one seems to be to be effective. If you’re not sure about certain aspects of your emails, and whether they’ll bring in customers and achieve your goals, test A/B.

You’ll try different variations that make up an email component using this technique, like your subject line. You’ll then determine which one works best. The one that wins will be sent out to your email users. Helpful, isn’t it?

7. Explore the possibilities of Email Content

Are you aware of what kind of content or design style will please your customers? After you have decided on the branding details you’d like to incorporate into the email then it’s time to experiment with the other images as well as copy lines to find out which ones get the most clicks.

You could, for instance, add an engaging GIF which showcases the product to encourage people to try it. You can also share best thought-provoking articles to prove your credibility. You can also add social media buttons that direct users towards LinkedIn, Instagram, or other platforms that you utilize to continue nurturing them via other channels.

8. Ensure Responsiveness Across Devices

The last thing to do is ensure you provide an easy user experience for any customer regardless of what device they are using. The aim should be to convert people who browse via mobile devices or tablets too. In the event that you fail, you could lose valuable customers due to the complexities of your experience.

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