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February 9, 2022

Use chatbots these eight ways to enhance customer experience


Email marketing and digital ads have traditionally been the mainstay of digital marketing outside organic SEO. The channels of communication with customer have exploded in past 10 years. Consequently the attention span of customers to unidirectional messaging has gone down. This is not to say email marketing or PPC ads have become meaningless, they have their role to play. However if you are not sharpening your arsenal with additional ways to engage customers, personalize your offering to realtime recommendations, be present across all the channels that your customers are, you will be missing out on significant market potentials. Look at these statistics below, they tell a powerful story

Use of Chatbots in Customer Service. Source: Statistahttps://www.statista.com/statistics/1025267/ai-chatbots-usage-in-customer-service-organizations/

In this era of always on marketing, it is critical to be present in the critical moments of truth. Discerning creators that Convertbloom supports, understand the nuance of signal vs. noise, too much non-value added exposure is not great for the customer perception. That level of discern separates savvy marketers who see real results from the ones who are driving non-value added noise. Analytics, tracking and access to multi-channel tools is extremely crucial, as much as understanding them. For e.g. COnvertbloom has carefully curated high quality tools that allows visibility, event tracking and elegant customer touch point templates. This engagement strategy also needs to be aligned to the customer segments, one size fits all does not work for existing audiences vs. esp. when you are trying to scale a new business with new segments. 

Be it search engines like Google or end consumers, nobody likes spammy, non-value added content. Specifically, you cannot ignore customer support. The acquisition of life time customers is a reality and empathetic intutitive meaningful customer support will go a long way in establishing the conducive experience to enable that. A repeat customer is six times more likely than a new customer to return and make more purchases, which already makes them many times more valued. Research has shown that there is a 27% likelihood that a first-time customer would return to your store again. However, this percentage increases when they make a second or third purchase. According to Paul Farris’ book Marketing Metrics, the average conversion rate is between 0.99% to 3.79% in many industries. However, they increase for repeat buyers to 60-70%.

One key elements in the arsenal to enable an authentic dialogue with customers is chatbots. Chatbots are not new, however the effectiveness of using them for top-of-the-funnel and middle of the funnel engagements has significantly improved. Chatbots also allow to leverage AI very effectively. It allows you to scale your customer touch points to enhance the experience in a very acceptable way. 

Here are eight use cases how you muct certainly consider to use chatbots. 

1. Reduce Your Support Workload

Although chatbots cannot answer every customer question, they can help reduce the support team’s workload. This will allow them to respond to more complex inquiries faster and make it easier for you to provide responsive customer service without spending more on customer support.

Chatbots can help you find answers from your FAQ or Help Center pages. This will reduce the amount of work that you have to do. Companies waste too much time and money on customers who can find the same answer elsewhere online.

Chatbots make a great starting point for support conversations. They can filter out large numbers of requests and never need to be contacted by a human customer service representative. If simple queries can be responded to by the Chatbots, these users won’t take up the support team’s time. Instead, they will receive a quick answer from your chatbot or an indication of where to find it on your website.

2. Notifications sent through a chatbot

Chatbots can be used to provide support but also other types of customer service. Chatbot messages are perceived differently from promotional emails and texts, as customers associate chatbots more with helping than marketing.

Switching to chatbot notifications could increase conversions if you are currently using SMS or email for cart abandonment. To track the results and verify that customers are responding to your chatbot messages, A/B testing should be used.

Chatbots can also serve other purposes, such as reminding you of product reviews and asking for feedback. Chatbots should not be used for support only, but as part of your overall sales strategy.

3. Get more engaging messaging

Chatbots are often criticized for being too generic. Every customer receives the same messages. Although AI-based chatbots may be limited in their scope, that doesn’t mean they should be boring.

Certain brands, especially those that sell to other businesses, may prefer a more formal tone. However, informal phrasing or word choice can be more effective in communicating with consumers and make chatbots more appealing to users.

Keep this in mind when writing preset chatbot messages. Chatbot messages should reflect your casual style. This will make your users feel more connected, regardless of their channel.

4. Chatbots can be added to your website

It is an important step towards a sale. It is crucial to convert as many people as possible through your sales funnel.

Chatbots offer you the unique opportunity to respond to customers’ questions and concerns proactively. This will increase trust and increase the likelihood that they make a purchase.

Chatbots are becoming more popular in businesses. They can send context-specific messages to users based on their behavior.

You might set up a message to be sent whenever a lead visits your shipping page. Leads will be grateful to have the option to speak directly with a chatbot, even if they already have the same information on your website.

5. Chatbots can be used to create an Omnichannel Strategy

Omnichannel marketing is about creating seamless customer experiences across channels. Chatbots allow customers to communicate with each other on multiple platforms. Modern marketing automation tools enable brands to centralize user information in order to maintain an unified profile across all channels.

Chatbots can appear on your website, app, and other platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Chatbots that are customer-focused will draw from previous interactions to streamline the support process. They can also resolve inquiries faster without needing to start over for every request. For example chatbots at Convertbloom enable autoresponder and marketing automation integration with variety of EMS including native Sendprism EMS.

6. Get customer feedback

Your chatbot’s purpose is to improve customer service. You should take the time to learn about how your customers feel about it. If you don’t reach out to customers to get feedback, it’s easy for problems to be missed.

Asking customers to share their experiences after every support interaction is the best way to get feedback. In return for taking a brief survey, you might offer a small gift (e.g. 10% off your next order) Keep an eye out for common issues and improve your chatbots to better respond to customers’ needs.

To get an idea of how your site works, you should also be asking customers. Every year, more people use the internet via mobile devices. Make sure you visit the site both on a desktop computer and on a tablet or smartphone.

7. Abandoned cart recovery and push notifications: 

As per research shopping cart abandonment rate can be as high as 75%. Effective cart recovery solution can reduce cart abandonment by 20-30%. Chatbots can enable lightweight but effective solutions reduce cart recovery in multiple ways. 

Recover shopping:

Chatbots track customers every time they add to their cart. Bots send reminders to customers and messages on Messenger when they don’t complete their checkout. This helps to lure them back to shopping.

Nudge to make a purchase

Bots will encourage customers to purchase by sending them timely notifications about ‘last item’ and ‘best deal’. Bots offer customers limited perks, such as temporary discounts codes, if it’s not great enough.

Cross-sell and Up-sell

Messenger bots have an open rate of 80% or more, which helps them drive more sales to their online store. Chatbots can cross-sell or up-sell by providing relevant sales, discounts codes, and other useful information. They also help convert shoppers into regular customers.

8. Chatbots can help intelligently build leads

Chatbots replace forms

It has become a tedious task to fill out forms. It’s not interesting or entertaining. These forms can be replaced by chatbots cost-effectively in order to generate leads.

Chatbots can ask users for more information and speed up the data collection process. Your lead-generation strategy will still be beneficial even if the consumer doesn’t need to purchase.

Chatbots are very popular with users. Chatbots can be programmed to ask users for their name, address, phone number, or other information. You can save time and speed up the filling process by offering autofill options.

Chatbots create engagement and trust

Trust is built by quick responses and accurate answers to visitors’ questions. Chatbots help users stay engaged by providing immediate assistance and being available at any time. Users feel that they can trust the brand and are able to rely on them at all times.

Chatbots are trusted by customers because they don’t interrupt and take into account the customer’s wishes. Chatbots are a great way to provide customer service, as marketers believe that it is easier for customers to use them. Chatbots can be used to assist customers with any issues they have with their account or shopping experience.

We recommend chatbots for lead generation. It builds a long-lasting relationship with clients.

Optimized Lead Generation: Audience Segmentation

Imagine creating a tour package that is intended for Indians, but for US tourists. This would be a negative for the customer’s experience. Segmentation is essential for keeping your material current. Segmentation also increases the effectiveness of your lead generation approach.

Chatbots can collect data from customers to optimize lead generation. Chatbots can collect information based upon a range of characteristics, such as gender, demographics, interests, age and gender. Chatbots can identify if a customer falls within a particular category and allow you to interact with him via the solution.

It is not enough to just grab your customer’s attention. Customers want an experience that meets their needs intuitively. This doesn’t mean that they have to buy your product or service. This means being responsive to their questions, getting precise answers and feeling valued. It is a difficult task.

Conversational commerce is a way to make it easier for you to find information about products and decide whether or not to purchase them. Brands have the opportunity to offer personalized, instant advice that will better satisfy consumers and help them feel closer to their brand. Chatbots can be a powerful tool for providing responsive, reliable customer service in 2022.

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