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February 9, 2022

Is Paid advertising better than organic search? Find out

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As per Statista, Paid Advertising will be a USD 200 Bn+ market by 2026 with 8% year on year growth. More than 80% of the market will be dominated by mobile ads.

Source: Statista

What does this mean for organic SEO? Search Engine optimization can be two types a) on-page and b) off-page. Some pundits have predicted the death of SEO with omni channel conversational marketing. Others claim SEO is here to stay and if at all has grown in importance to stand out from clutter and become an asset. PPC has steadily grown, Companies are increasingly realizing how important it is to engage in the importance of online advertising nowadays, particularly via search engines. Current research showed that 81% users seek out their solution via search engines.

Given Search results play an essential part for driving traffic to your site via search engines, getting your website to appear on the first page of SERPs has grown increasingly difficult. Recent research claims that advertisers target making their ads appear at to the very top, regardless of whether they are organic or paid. However, there’s an important choice to be made regarding which option to select which one to choose – the SEO option is better or PPC?

What are organic search results?

The organic search result are the list of results of websites returned on browsers or mobile device when you search at a search engine like Google or Bing . The search engine algorithm determines that results are in close alignment with the search query for the keywords that the browser is requesting in relation to the relevance of the website. Organic search results are often referred to as natural search results. Marketers employ SEO techniques to gain higher rankings on SERPs. The aim is to make your website appear on the top four spots on that search engine result page. Organic search results result from the algorithm used by that search engine.

  • Credibility and trust When your site is listed on the first result page on Google’s search engine, it makes the users believe that your website is more trust-worthy and credible. A higher ranking signifies thought leadership in the industry. In SEO terms that is known as Authority. The higher trust rating can increase the chances of users to visit your website.
  • Evergreen It is essential to keep fresh content on your website. Fresh content on your site will provide a fresh design to the website. The site that has new content will be listed in the top position for a longer period of time over other websites.
  • An asset: You are essentially building an asset by making your pages rank really high. It is not easy to get there, so once you reach there it is important to maintain that spot with fresh content.
  • Ranking If you are able to achieve a high rankings through organic search, it is easy to maintain the ranking. A higher ranking can help you build trust with people who search as well as search engines.
  • CTR – Click through percentages are usually high in organic search results. This is a crucial aspect for any business looking to increase the rate of conversion.
  • The inbound market organic search strategies require marketers to produce high-quality content in order to attain it. Content is the most important element that entices users and leads them to the buying process.

As per Hubspot some of the potential challenges of Organic search are as below:

  • Search Algorithms evolve over time. Search engines, particularly Google has modified their algorithm several times throughout the time. These modifications mean that you’ll need be vigilant on your marketing strategies and the results from organic sources.
  • Optimizing organic search can be very Time Consuming
  • To get an increase in ranking on search engine it takes a long time, based on the level of competition for the keywords you choose to rank for. It is important to have a lot of patience.
  • It is essential to update your website frequently. The work doesn’t stop when you’ve got your website to be found on target keywords. As time passes, you’ll have constantly improve your web pages and content to ensure that they continue to be ranked. Optimization could include refreshing old content and eliminating expired links or old ones.

What is Paid Search Results?

Paid search results are nothing more than online ads. They are also called Pay Per Click advertising. The business owner must pay a certain amount to show their advertisements when users type in a particular keyword into the box for search on this search engine. The paid ads are typically placed on upper or towards the right of the organic search results in the search results page. 

The position of paid advertisements is determined through bids and quality scores. The amount you pay for these ads are based on the number of clicks or views generated through your ads.

Benefits of Paid Ads or PPC

  • Shorter Time Paid results do not compete with organic search results for first page ranking. Paid results will be on the first page of rankings when you pay for it. Therefore, you will potentially receive results faster as compared to organic search.
  • Targeting Specific Segments: Pay-per-click ads can be tailored to meet the particular kind of audience segment that your business should be targeting. You can also segment your ads by factors such as income, age, qualifications fields, and more.
  • Click-through rates – Paid searches are typically optimized for keywords with qualified buying intent. When a user searches for terms indicating buying intent, then paid ads receive higher views than organic search. Also, it increases the revenue from keywords. Google estimates users make USD 658-

Drawbacks of Paid Ads

  • Price – The biggest disadvantage is the cost in paid ads. Paid search is expensive and hence is typically used for middle of the funnel or bottom of the funnel prospects. These prospects have already done the research for awareness building. The greater the competition for keywords, the higher is the price of the bid for that keywords for each click. This is why you need to be more careful when selecting your keywords for paid ads. There are some great tools like Ubersuggest, Ahref, SEMrush, Moz. Each of them allow some free research. You can also sign up for Experience Automation membership at Convertbloom for key word research. Remember if you don’t pick your keywords carefully, you’ll have to shell out a significant amount of money to pay for PPC.
  • Temporary Paying ads are only temporary. Traffic from such ads will vanish when you stop paying for the ads.
  • Credibility issue – Users aren’t confident in paid ads as much as they do organic search. Unless there is a exact match of intent, users might ignore your ads.
  • Click-through rates are lower the clicks on paid advertisements are much less in comparison to high-purchase intention keyword searches. The click through rate for organic search is less when contrasted with organic search. Organic results are considered more trustworthy and trustworthy by searchers.

Why should you choose paid ads ?

The primary benefit of paying for ads is that they are displayed in the upper right hand corner of the web page, and people’s eyes will see them first. They don’t often discern the distinction between paid as well as organic search as the font and design of both are identical. They click on them without hesitation.

Another benefit is that paid advertisements are displayed at the top of SERPs after you have paid for the ads. It doesn’t require any technical expertise similar to organic search.

If you’ve got a specific kind of customer profile in mind, you can create your ads to appeal to the appropriate target audience. You could also target specific regions and age groups or income range, and many other aspects.

Why organic ?

Users might avoid paid advertisements as they prefer organic search results because of its reliability and credibility. When you keep creating high quality content keeping the reader in mind consistently for a few weeks, months or even years, that is when you rank. And the ranking can become an asset.

Organic search is achieved employing a variety of SEO strategies and tactics. To achieve a higher rank organic search result is not something that is as simple as you imagine. It requires a lot of technical effort from numerous potential customers. Organic search results are a more complicated process than ads that are paid for.

If you are able to reach the top spot through organic search results then it is easy to maintain your position for a long period of time. You will be able to keep your brand image and build trust with customers.

Organic search can also be more affordable than paid advertisements. But it is complicated and frustrating for those who are not technically skilled.

Organic search doesn’t come at an enormous cost, and some people refer to organic search results as free clicks, since they don’t have to pay Google or Bing for a higher rank in SERPs.

Many companies aren’t able to manage organic search SEO on their own, so they employ professionals to help them.

It is important to be patient and anticipate achieving higher positions on Search engines via organic search results.

Organic Search Results and Click Through Rates

Webmasters always concentrate on the top 10 results which appear when they search on Google or Bing. The higher the rank, more clicks will occur on your site , which consequently, more traffic and ROI for your website. If the ranking is lower, the less the number of clicks as well as traffic towards your website. Therefore, ranking at the top of the page is the most important goal of each website.

In a research study, it was proven that top 3 results of search engine results were clicked by by 68 percent of users, and the rest just 32 percent.

It was proven by research findings in a study that Women have a higher likelihood of clicking paid advertisements than men. 53 % of females click ads that are paid for while only 47 percent of men click on ads that are paid for.

Age is also considered to be an element in PPC. The people who are younger than 35 years old view these advertisements only at 35 percent. The remainder of those who click on advertisements are in the age range of 35 years and over.

The most efficient method usually relies on the kind of company, purpose of your business , and your budget. If your business is which is focused on service, the organic search result is best for you. It’s because it’s got credibility and credibility. If your company is brand or product specific, and you are looking for paid ads, then they will be the best for your company. It will help drive greater traffic to your site , which helps to boost the rate of conversion.

Paid search results ‘ main benefits is its speed and scalability.

Organic search has a long-lasting presence on the internet due to they can be ranked for a long period after content has been created. It’s an authority voice. Paid ads go away when you have stopped paying for them, but they give the immediate top spot. A recent study has shown that it was proven that organic results are viewed more often than paid results. Thus, the potential from organic search is always higher than the paid results.

If given the opportunity to choose between paid search and organic search the overwhelming logical option for most SEO experts is Organic search. We all know that it’s difficult to achieve the top position in Google or other engines with no effort. True SEO takes time , but hey it’s absolutely worthwhile.

There are other instances that PPC can be a great option. If, for instance, you are starting a new business, It is crucial to build brand recognition first, and for that goal PPC works best. If you offer discounts on special occasions or a special deal, the PPC is the best method of exposing it to users.

Yet, for certain businesses choose to use the combination of paid search and organic search results. Both are necessary to create a solid marketing plan to bring traffic to your website. All depends on the specifics of your business.

What should you choose to promote your business ? Organic or Paid Search ?  Here is how Webfx summarizes it:

Use SEO if…

  • You Might consider SEO if:
  • You have a marketing budget that is a bit low. You’re trying to build your brand’s authority as long term asset. You’re trying to maximize the long-term ROI (ROI). You’d like to produce content that is accessible to your target audience throughout the TOFU, MOFU and BOFU funnel of sales.

Use PPC if…

  • You’d get better results with PPC in situations where:
  • You want quick results. Your product is unique or unique. You’re marketing a sale that’s time-sensitive such as a sale during the holiday season. You’ll need to guide your visitors to a sale website or landing page.

It is entirely dependent on your needs in marketing. You can decide on the one that will give you the greatest efficiency in customer turnover and returns on investment.

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